We Few, We Happy One-Thousandth

by Jack Fowler

NR’s Spring webathon is sweating it out today in NYC, where global warming or climate change or something and everything this side of a solar-flare storm has the NR crew perspiring. But it’s a happy perspiration, thanks to the initial burst of generosity to our fundraiser, which seeks to raise a mere one-thousandth of what lefty tycoon George Soros lavished on SJW outfits from 2010-14. Our goal is $264,000 (do the math: Georgie Porgie dropped $264 million on his fellow misfits).

Amongst the One-Thousandth are the following fine folks, who left astute comments along with their generous gifts to NR — which will be used to fund a new editor, to bankroll the rebuild of NRO (that will cost over $500K!), and to offset legal costs to protect free speech brought about by Mann v. National Review) — in the past few days:

With his $270 expression of charity William shakes the pom-poms and calls out You Know Who: “Keep up the good work, the Michael Mann’s of the world cannot be allowed to redefine truth and intimidate any opposing point of view into silence.” Bill, you are one smart cookie. And kind too. Thanks.

In agreement is Robert, who sends us a C Note and this thought: “To paraphrase Churchill, ‘Never surrender’ to this lot! You’re fighting, not just for yourselves, but for all who believe in liberty and open debate.” Amen Bob — defending our unalienable rights is a team sport. Grazia.

Another C Note comes from Sheila, a notorious pushover: “You had me at ‘Soros’s despicable largesse.’ Good luck!” Yeah, that always comes in handy. Thank you, good lady.

Lovely lovely Mary sends us $500 — would some of you please match her? — and gushes: “You’re why I never feel alone when I’m standing atop history bellowing ‘Thwart!’” Mary, I doubt you bellow — you seem too cool for that. But if you really do, I bet you bellow with style and Buckleyesque panache. And you might even bellow “Stop!”

Terrence spots us $100 and a dose of the truth: “Started reading my dad’s copy of NR in the ‘60s, even when I was working in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Your website is incredibly clunky.” We know, T Man, we know! The fix is in the works. Thanks in part to you.

And let’s end with Marie, who tossed $50 at us (thanks!) and explains how that happened: “I saw Jim’s begging in the Morning Jolt this morning. It reminded me of what my middle son calls using his ‘puppy dog eyes.’ I’m a bit of a sucker for that.” Marie, we are all suckers for Big Jim’s razzmatazz.

Okay folks, we can’t let this appeal flag over the weekend. Will you please find your way to helping NR? Don’t you want to be able to count yourself among the few, the happy few, the band of one-thousandth? Of course you do! Join us with your generous contribution, which can be made here.

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