January 25, 2018

For nearly 15 years, David Brooks has been a conservative columnist—for much of that time, the lone conservative columnist—on the New York Times op-ed page.

In the latest episode of The Jamie Weinstein Show, Brooks talks about how his view of Trump has changed over the years, what he would focus on if he found himself in the Oval Office, his surprising relationship with Steve Bannon, how Bill Buckley helped propel his career, and much more.

  • Show Roadmap
  • How Brooks’s view of Trump has changed
  • Grading Trump’s first year
  • On the Russia investigation
  • What David Brooks would focus on if president
  • On the tension of being a Burkean and a "National Greatness Conservative"
  • How Brooks feels the media has covered Trump
  • On his surprising relationship with Steve Bannon
  • Brooks’ view of drug legalization
  • On Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Joe Scarborough, and Matt Drudge
  • How Bill Buckley helped shape Brooks’s career
  • Closing questions: the books that shaped Brooks, and what he feels is the most under-covered issue

Pictured: Brooks speaks at the Miller Center Forum, April 2011. (Flickr)

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