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Resistance by Gourd

by James Lileks

I was talking to a liberal friend I’ll call “Bob Nonexistent-Strawman” (he also drives a cab) about the president’s momentary loss of his Twitter account. In case you haven’t heard, the personal account that the president uses for blurting taunts and attaboys was deactivated by a Twitter employee in Customer Service. It was the employee’s last day on the job, and he/she/xhir/zoerple-deedledox or whatever pronoun they use — well, this person pulled the plug for the sake of the nation.

“Awesome,” my friend said, his expression indicating he was about to provide a perfect, clichéd quote I could use to tar his side with their own words. “Now that’s what I call resistance. That’s doing something. That’s the people striking back.”

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